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BearHand Production offers a wide range of production services, including Steadicam, to fill a broad spectrum of production needs.

2-Person HD crew (HDX900)
Includes camera, lights, sound

3-person HD crew

2-person HD crew (EX3)

2-Person EFP crew Beta-SP or DVCam

3-Person EFP crew, Beta-SP or DVCam

$2100.00/10hrs portal-to-portal

$2450.00/10hrs portal-to-portal

$1650.00/10hrs portal-to-portal

$1,550.00/10hrs portal-to-portal

$1,900.00/10hrs portal-to-portal



Panasonic AJ-HDX900 DVCProHD w/firewire option

Sony PMW EX3 HD Camcorder w/ Letus Ultimate 35mm Prime Lens option (See Sample and Links page)

Sony DXC-D50WS Beta-SP or DVCam

Sony DXC-D30 Beta-SP or DVCam

Sachtler or Cartoni tripod,
Pansonic HD monitors, Sony SD monitors, Sony playback adapter, Frezzi batteries, matte box w/ 4x4 filters or series 9 filters


Lights: Kino Diva, Arri DP Soft Kit w/ Chimera, LTM Pepper 300w, 100w fresnels, Mole Richardson inkies, Lowell DP open face w/Chimera, all with scrims, diffusion, daylight correction

Grip: Flags and nets, C-stands, sand bags, 500ft. stingers, spring clamps, mafers, dimmers

Sound: Shure FP-33 stereo mixer, Tram or Sony ECM-77b lavs, Sennheiser shotgun w/ boom pole, Sony headphones, playback speaker



Also available:

Letus Ultimate 35mm lens adapter for Sony EX-3, EX-1, Panasonic HVX-200 etc.  Includes 16mm, 24mm, 50mm, 85mm, 28-70 zoom lenses (See Samples and links page)

Steadicam CP Steadicam EFP w/BFD wireless follow-focus

Dana Dolly Portable Camera slider

5.5 wide angle lens

EZ-FX portable jib w/ 4ft. reach

Lectrosonics UHF diversity wireless mics w/Tram lavs

ScriptBoy wireless time code clipboard

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Cancellation Policy
Cancellation of a scheduled shoot the day before the shoot day will incur a cancellation fee of 100% of the agreed-to crew and equipment rental.  Cancellation 2 days before a scheduled shoot day will incur a cancellation fee of 50% of the crew fees with no charge for equipment.